Perfect for those cold wintry days

Two course Meals and lighter snacks

Meals come with serviettes & sturdy plates and in heated chafing trays for you or us (see How we do it) to serve and have a minimum serving for 12 people

The Mexican


Spicy mince (and vegetarian) filled tacos
Guacamole, sour cream and salad
Mexican rice with black beans

Mango sorbet

The Caribbean


Beef stewed in fried tomato sauce

Jerk chicken

Jollof rice

Efo (spinach) and moi moi (beans & tomato) (v)


Coconut ice cream or individual ice cream tubs

The Italian


Traditional spaghetti bolognaise
Vegetable bolognaise (v)
Mixed salad
Ciabatta bread

Stracciatella gelato

The French


Beef bourguignon
Mushroom stroganoff (v)
Rice and mixed salad

Chocolate gateau & cream

The Chinese


Chicken or beef in black bean sauce
Special fried rice
Pancake rolls(v)
Vegetable chow mein (v)
Mushroom rice(v)

Lemon sorbet

The English


Lancashire hotpot with pastry crust
Vegetable hot pot (v)with pastry crust
Red cabbage
Mashed potato

Bread and butter pudding or apple pie and cream

These are our menu choices, but you may create your own.




A wide range of homemade soups delivered in a soup kettle
or large flasks with cups.


serve from minimum 6-60

(Add our delicious fresh rolls or a sandwich platter to complete your lunch.)



Steaming jacket potatoes with a choice of delicious fillings from:

  • *Chilli con carne
  • *Tuna mayonnaise
  • *Prawn and avocado
  • *Corination chicken

All served with plenty of strong cheddar cheese.

Minimum 6 people

(Please note that if you require more than 20 jackets you will need to hire portable
oven from us)



Served with salad or beans Choose from:

*Homity pie (minimum 12)
*Cheddar & spring onion (minimum 8)*Quiche lorraine (minimum 8)

*Quiche lorraine (minimum 8)


Green Salad Bowl


Mixed Salad Bowl


Mixed Salad Bowl